Jon Gailmor

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“You're Nuts!”

— 2nd grader, Hardwick Elem. School

“Jon Gailmor is amazing! He plays music for kids, grown ups and grown up kids. He has a great way of getting the audience involved and when it's over you want more. The music is funny, witty, moving and thought provoking all at once. He takes life and puts it to music. He's a performer in every sense of the word and his love of music comes across and infects the audience; giving a charge of happiness to everyone around him. Really one heck of a funny guy. Can't wait to see him again! You smile through the whole concert and sometimes laugh so hard you wish he'd stop so you don't miss any of the lines. He's Vermont's best kept secret!”

— Jennifer Russell, St. Albans, VT

“The pride you instilled in them radiates from them. I just can't believe the incredible effect your visit has had on the children.”

— Kathy Schaw, Williston Central School

“Jon's music appeals to children of all ages; from toddlers to grandmas and everyone in between. His lyrics are both timely and timeless. His enthusiasm for performing is totally infectious and being part of his audience means listening to wonderful singing and guitar playing, and just having a great time! There are even opportunities to sing along which is fun for everyone!. Jon is that rarest of performers that your entire family can enjoy.”

— Dave and Dana Hirth, Cliff Island, ME

“The quality of life has been enhanced for each of us…”

— Roderick Marcotte, Principal Chamberlin School

“Your concert reminded us both to celebrate each moment in childlike glee-to keep ‘kidding’. Our spirits were lifted and filled with the joy of life's most precious commodities - family, friends, love, worms, moose, water, music, wisdom. Thank you for reminding us of these blissful specifics in a world too often full of chaotic generalities.”

— Dennis and Sharon Borchardt, Randolph, VT

“Hi Jon, We just wanted to thank you for your performance at our house. The performance was everything we'd hoped it would be. Your choice of songs was wonderful and your voice has just gotten better with time. We can't believe how effortlessly you hit those high notes! You made everyone in the audience feel so at ease and have such fun, the youngest to the oldest. And everyone had a great time. Our only reservation is that you didn't sing all of our favorites of your songs. But then, there are so many of them that you couldn't possibly fit them all into one concert!”

— Jacob and Nancy Bloom, Arlington, MA

Burlington, Vermont First Night 1998

Jon has been entertaining all-aged humans for 25 years, yet each performance feels fresh and new. Custom-made for First Night ’98, these are songs to help audiences celebrate not only the year past, but their entire lives as well, through laughter, group participation, and the entire emotional spectrum. Jon Gailmor concerts leave no gut unspilled. They’re fraught with originality, spontaneity and hopefulness.

Jacob and Eva, a song I wrote about my grandparents, was included on All Ears Review, Vol. 3, Singing Out--Songwriters for the 90's. ROM Records 1988 Cat # 21003.