Jon Gailmor

“Gailmor's ability to wrap his powerful and versatile voice around the cleverly-written lyrics and tunes he creates has amazed and delighted audiences for years. Along with musical talent and a sharp intelligence, he has considerable personal charm, capturing his listeners in the palm of his hand, and keeping them there throughout a performance.”

— Martha Slater, Rochester, VT


“The intimacy of a house concert fits Jon's style perfectly. Ranging from fun and humorous to passionate and poignant, Jon's songs draw people in, engaging young children, teens, adults and elders. One cannot help but participate with his contagious, upbeat energy.”

— Jamie Craighead, Vashon Island, WA


Performances, workshops and residencies



My performances, regardless of where or for whom, are designed to fit the audience to a tee, and to leave them feeling renewed, hopeful, and emotionally charged. My originals are fraught with childish illogic, profound feelings, absurd humor and, at times, both subtle and obvious messages.

Much of my subject matter involves The Family. I'll have folks singing and clapping together, guffawing, weeping, whatever it takes for an audience to revel in its humanity.

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My non-originals include songs of every conceivable genre, from innocent children's ditties to bawdy British scream-alongs. Audience participation is a staple.

My goal is to have each listener feel that he or she is being serenaded individually, at the same time that they are part of a huge, worldly chorus.


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Performance: $250-$600

Workshops: from $350

Schools: $150-$500 (plus expenses)

Residencies: Negotiable

Block Booking: Negotiable

Jon Gailmor

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Phone: (802) 888-3625

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